What do I need to wear?
  • Full length comfortable trousers

  • Riding boots, tramping boots or sturdy shoes with a heel

  • Sunscreen

  • A waterproof wind breaker or jacket

What do I need to bring?
  • A water bottle

  • Sunglasses

  • A small camera

  • Your swimming gear and towel if you are on the Kauri Ride or Hunter and Gatherer Rides

  • Yes, small cameras are welcome on all rides, however cameras are carried at owners risk, we do not take responsibility for loss or damage.

Can I bring my camera?
  • We will endeavour to allow all guests the opportunity to trot and canter in safe areas, please only do so once your guide has given the all clear and understand that there may be other guests on the trek that are not experienced.

Will I get to trot or canter?
What age must a child be to particapate?
  • Confident 8 year olds are allowed on all rides, for those under 8 contact us directly

What age is considered a Child?
  • Children are those under the age of 16, and will require a consent form to be signed by the parent or caregiver

Is there a weight limit?
  • We do not have a set weight limit but ask if you are over 100kgs to please notify us when making your booking so that we can ensure we have the correct saddled horse for you

What types of horses do you have?
  • We have varying breeds and sizes of horses available, all of our horses are trained to be able to be ridden in all situations

Can I bring my own horse?
  • Absolutely, we do ask however that if you have a known kicker or green horse that you notify us during your booking as well as use common horse sense and put a red ribbon or band around your horses tail. For safety reasons we may not be able to accommodate green horses with other guests bookings

  • We do try to keep our treks small so that we can give the best experience possible, however if you have a group larger than six please contact us directly and we will endeavour to accommodate you.

Can I make a booking for more than 6 people?
Do you have a brochure?
  • Yes we do, please contact us and we will email one to you

  • Our website is optimized for Google Chrome, if you are having problems viewing our website please download the lastest version of Google Chrome here

I am having trouble viewing the website
Do I have to wear a helmet?
  • Yes, we will provide all riders with safety head-wear. If you are bringing your own horse on a ride we do reccommend that you wear a helmet, however if you choose not to, we can not take responsibility for any injury that may be caused due to this.



  • It will depend on your Trek as to where your check-in will be, you will be advised in your booking confirmation.

Where do we check-in before our trek?